Monday, October 16, 2006

Steve Lyons: Complete and Utter Moron.

I don't know how many of you saw the circumstances surrounding the firing of Steve Lyons' dismissal from Fox, but I was watching and paying attention to the broadcast when this thing happened.

Basically, Lou Piniella first compared expecting Marco Scutaro to perform well in the ALCS to "finding a wallet on Friday" then expecting to find another one sometime next week. Later, when Piniella began speaking in Spanish, Steve Lyons claimed that he couldn't find his wallet, and that he didn't want to sit too close to Piniella now that he was "hablaing [sic] espanol."

The funny thing is, Steve Lyons is so god damned stupid and incomprehensible that I had no idea whether that was a racial joke, or even what the hell he generally was trying to say. I just sat there, waited for one of the other announcers to respond in a manner that would suggest that what he said was offensive, and got nothing. I then thought about it for a couple of minutes, and blood shot of my ear.

Also, what the fuck kind of analogy is it to compare expecting a shitty hitter to play well in two consecutive playoff series with finding a wallet on a Friday, then going out looking for one the next week? Has anyone ever done this? Aren’t there a million actual situations where someone might expect for continued good luck? The lottery? Poker? Dice?

Furthermore, is Lou Piniella implying that if he were to find a wallet on the ground, that he would keep the money and possibly use its credit cards? Does he not make enough money already? Fox should absolutely not be allowed to broadcast baseball, this is absurd. How can you not find three people who don’t have full blown down syndrome to broadcast these games? Jesus fucking Christ.

Here's a link to an article describing what happened:

Steve Lyons, the same guy who brought you de-pantsing himself in front of an entire stadium, now presents: failed attempts at racist humor


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