Friday, November 10, 2006

Double OC!

So apparently the OC got shitty ratings in its season opener, so the people at Fox decided to have a "two-night event" on Wednesday and Thursday. Did anyone at Fox just consider not putting the show up against Grey's Anatomy and CSI? The two most popular shows on television? Granted, there isn't probably a great overlap between people who like CSI and people who like the OC, but still. Who pays these guys?

I missed both episodes at the time because I was at the Nets game and getting SLAMMERED watching Rutgers put Jersey football back on the map (that's right I said it.) Luckily I taped (yes taped, VHS still works people) the two episodes and watched them earlier today.

I really cannot get over how naughty Kaitlin Cooper is. My only hope is that Willa Holland doesn't have a Britney-like meteoric fall to accompany her pre-legal meteoric rise. At this point, would anyone fuck Britney other than to say "I fucked Britney Spears"? I mean, would you even enjoy it at the time? She is GROSS. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I can't believe that Kevin Federline may somehow leave this marriage in better standing. Can you imagine how great Justin Timberlake must feel watching this? Especially with this sex tape coming out. I can't even imagine Britney coming out with another album. There's no way anyone is going to pay to watch her fat ass gyrate on stage anymore. Meanwhile, Timberlake's career is completely taking off, he hasn't been divorced (TWICE!), doesn't have any kids, and is clearly CRUSHING unbelievable ass all day, everyday. Wow. Well played. He cashed out of that game at the PERFECT time. You receive a tip of the cap.

Alright, that got a little off topic. Anyway, a pretty interesting set of episodes. The whole Julie Cooper-Summer simultaneous emotional breakdowns has been amusing. The Summer's a hippie thing is starting to get old though. You can only make so many jokes about this kind of stuff. That's what used to be so great about Summer, the being a hippie thing would've lasted two weeks, just another one of her idiotic fads. You thought it was funny, then they moved on to something else before it got old. Why break from the gameplan McG?

Here are two possible storylines that could happen next season or later that won't happen (probably) but I'd like to see:

1. Volchek breaks out of prison. I think this one is actually possible. How excited would you be to see the OC cut to a shot of Volchek preparing to pull an Andy Dufresne and break out of the slammer? I would lose it. What if they somehow spin off the Volchek character into Prison Break 2? This has to happen. I'm not convinced this storyline is closed out. I know Ryan said "It's over" when he left the hotel room, but that look that Volchek shoots Ryan as he's entering the squad car says, "Don't think the writers won't make us cross paths again." Volchek! Also, I've talked to some girls who've watched the show and they think Volchek is hot. Stick that in your pro-Johnny pipe and smoke it, Kuiken.

2. Marissa comes back from the dead. Ok this one is almost certainly not going to occur. The possibility of Marissa having a Tupac-like return (because Tupac's alive, in case you didn't know) excites me only slightly less more than a Volchek prison break. I don't know the circumstances that would allow for this storyline. Maybe some kind of hospital cover up after Marissa leaves mysteriously in the middle of the night? Hopefully this would sync up with Volchek's escape from jail and the two could renew their ill-fated romance a la Romeo and Juilet. Let's make this happen McG.


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anthony said...

Hmm. May need to back up on that Britney K-Fed thing, considering K-Fed has had to cancel 6 tour dates because of lack of business sales.

However, then you click on this and just. Good lord. Look what happens.


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