Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Thoughts from the Nets Opener

1. I love Marcus Williams. He didn't shoot that well from the field, but he got some unlucky breaks last night. His court vision is amazing though, and I was really surprised to see how easily he could get to the basket. Plus, he netted 8 boards. The Nets seem set on using him at least 20 minutes a game, even if he's on the floor with Kidd at the same time. I'm obviously very excited about this. I've now started calling Marcus Williams, "The Truth." That now makes two local athletes who I and a select few (actually only my buddy Desimone) refer to as "The Truth." The other, of course, is average strong safety Gibril Wilson. Also, did I mention that "The Truth" is from Compton, and that the laptops he stole while at UConn were from the women's basketball team's dorms? Yeah, he's awesome.

Vince Carter and Nenad Krstic need to see the ball more often. Too many times in our half court offense we end up with Jason Collins having the ball in the post (inevitably stripped) or one of our Nomars off the bench feebly attempting to penetrate. Nenad and Vince are going to create and make more open shots in the half court set than anybody. Vince, because of his athleticism, and Nenad because of his size. Vince Carter looked great last night. Granted, he was being guarded by Anthony Parker (yeah, I don't know who he is either, he went to Bradley, and is somehow starting for the Raptors. Also, have you seen the Raptors team this year? Who put these guys together? It's like someone got Chad Ford wasted and made him do a draft option in NBA Live. There are so many gross Euros on this team and unknown players it's disgusting. Garbajosa? Looked awful. That's just not a reference to his play either, he needs a shave, he looks like he should be outside a hookah bar on South U. in Ann Arbor. See: picture. ANDREA Bargnani? This of course is in addition to amazing top 15 picks Rafael Araujo and Kris Humphries. You can tell that Chris Bosh is frustrated, and he looked awful last night. No defenders respect anybody on that team other than TJ Ford and Bosh. )

Well, that was a long tangent.

3. The Nets bench still worries me. Marcus Williams is obviously a huge upgrade, but with Cliff Robinson and Eddie House injured right now, I'm nervous. Mikki Moore is going to be serviceable, and Boki Nachbar looks like he'll provide some shooting and defense, but I don't know how much you can rely on these guys. Antoine Wright looked terrible.

Also, apparently Bostjan Nachbar goes by the nickname "Boki" which I learned at the game last night, although this could just be the announcer's doing because after Boki went on a shooting tear, the announcer started calling him "Boki Boki." I was confused. Not nearly as confused as when the screens displayed a graphic featuring the Serbian flag and a map of Serbia with the words "Serbian Sensation" after Nenad Krstic was called for a foul, but pretty confused.

4. Non-basketball thoughts: The Nets dancers are hot. I haven't gone to an NBA game in awhile, but that shit is like softcore porn. Nice. I like. Wa-wa-wee-wa.

Also, the Nets' mascot is "Sly Fox." Apparently the Nets just made the decision to say, "Ah fuck it, let's have a fox for a mascot" because I don't understand any connection that this character may have to the team.

TJ Kidd was at the game throwing out shirts during the giveaway. He has a really strong arm for a seven-year old, I think the Yankees should look into that. Also, Joumana Kidd was there and she is gorgeous, I can't even imagine the time Jason had plowing her after pouring in a triple double yesterday. I bet he hits that all day. Get it? It has two meanings. You know, spousal abuse. Thanks, Jason.


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