Monday, January 15, 2007

Best Night of Television. Ever.

I really can't begin to describe how awesome it was watching the 2nd two-hour block of the "24" premiere then following it up with an incredible debut of Season 2 of "The Hills."

First of all, that episode of "24" really may be the best I've ever seen. Absolutely unprecedented intensity from that 2nd hour. I also think that overall, this season has the best combination of ridiculous plot twists (already) and hilarious C-level celebrity actors in minor roles (i.e.: Kumar, Yanoosh from Ghostbusters II, Rube aka the Catcher from Major League II, Rod Tidwell's wife, etc.).


First, I'm going to have to go ahead and question Bauer's decision-making when he killed Curtis. Now, I know Bauer's whole thing is he always choses loyalty to his country over anything else, but I'm not even sure that based on this logic he should shoot Curtis in that situation. I mean, I know Assad is going to provide help in stopping these terrorist attacks, but isn't Curtis, in the long run at least, going to provide as much, if not more assistance to the country? Although, I guess Assad's promise to forge some kind of peace between the West and the terrorist groups which he holds sway over maybe overcomes that. I don't know. Choosing to shoot your good friend over a known terrorist in that questionable situation just shocked the shit out of me. Possibly one of the most poignant moments in "24" history.

However, this brings up a point. Can "24" not list these major characters as "guest stars" if they are in fact going to die? My friend Scott pointed out that he thought Curtis was going to die simply because of this fact, and guess what? He was right. Just lie to us "24." No one's going to hold it against you that certain actors turned out to be mere guest stars contrary to what they were billed as.

The Hills got out to an absolutely ROARING start. I'm not positive that the episode was as amazing as I thought it was since I was still running on a massive high from the nuclear bomb going off at the end of "24." An event which shook me almost as if it had actually happened. I think I almost called my buddy Bickel out in LA to make sure he was alright after I witnessed that. Back to the Hills though, LC obviously had a horrible summer because J-Wohl loves mentally abusing her, and getting arrested for cocaine possession, bribing a cop, and then in a completely seperate incident, battery (this actually happened - This was something that didn't go unnoticed by her boss who is clearly upset that LC didn't take the internship in Paris. That crazy old bitch was absolutely POURING salt into LC's wound about how things didn't work out with Jason. That was awesome.

Also, this Spencer character is absolutely priceless. I was watching this episode while talking to Mr. Intensity online and we kept wavering from shock and hatred to sheer respect at his moves with Audrina and Heidi. That scene at the club where he was running absurd amounts of game on Audrina while trying to convince Heidi that everything was chill was like watching a train wreck. I'm reserving my "Tip of the Cap" for a later date when I can be assurred that this move was successful, but if that day comes, that may be the biggest "Tip of the Cap" yet. Heidi clearly isn't going to leave this guy because she has no self-esteem and he's milking it for all it's worth, trying to bang out the hotter Audrina. Also, bonus points if he does and Heidi actually is pregnant. God, would that be funny.

Also, I think Whitney is under the radar hot. I would really like to make the sex with her. Did anybody else notice the side-bra she was sporting in that episode. I like.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger Mr. Intensity said...

Yes, I was giddily excited with the night of TV. And I also was a big fan of the sidebra shot. It was unexpected, but once you saw it, you were like, "oh, that's kind of...nice." Kind of like when you get a salad or pasta at your local Olive Garden and they come by with a big thing that they use to distribute freshly shaved parmesan cheese onto your entree. Or onto your entree, salad, bread, water, and wine if you are me: I can't pass up fresh condiments and prefer to overindulge in them.

Also, some have told me that this Whitney girl looks like Mr. Intensity's female companion, Ms. Intensity. So I like this under the radar hot comment.

Also, this Spencer kid...If nothing else, I must- MUST respect his audacity. I can respect any man with those kind of stones. I myself have been in a few situations that were similar, and let's just say they didn't go off nearly as well. He gets my tip of the cap for his deft handling of the situation. It looked at first like it was/is going to crash down around him, but when you see the previews of the upcoming episodes, it is clear that he bounces back nicely. That, my friend, deserves a tip of the cap. Although I hate this little rich fucker on other levels. But let's not address that right now.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Mr. Intensity said...

Also...the episode of 24 was unfuckingbelievable. Much much much more intense than any episode I have ever seen of the show, nor ever thought I would see. I thought for sure that they would stop that SOB from blowing the nuke, but...we all know what happened. Nothing in 24 history comes close; only the shooting down of Air Force One by a rogue fighter pilot is even r e m o t e l y close. And it's not that clos.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Nate said...

"I almost called my buddy Bickel out in LA"?

a quick poll: does anyone reading this not know who bickel is or where he lives?

how long until you start referring to your "readers" chubbs? i'm not saying you're there, but you're on a very slippery slope indeed.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Chubbs said...

Go back to Africa, Bootsy

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

I think I need to temper everyone's excitement about that 24 episode. While the killing of Curtis and the Nuke going off was Bryce Drew NCAA tournament good. The episode itself was somewhat lacking. This is highlighted by the fact that the dad in that episode was the biggest idiot in the history of the series. Like, that was even worse than horror movie bad. He's not going to call ANYONE and say, hey, don't drive a cop car to my door; but at least follow me so you know where the fucking terrorists are. That was just a mind boggling decision. All this is compounded with Wayne Palmer's actor having the same stupid reaction to every situation whether it's his sister being upset or a FUCKING NUKE GOING OFF IN SOUTH LA. This is a classic case of a brilliant ending causing people to remember the whole episode of actually greater than it was.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger David L. Bickel said...

i mean.... i agree with some of anthony's points... but it's not like the dad had any idea how connected Kumar (yeah... that's the only way i'm referring to him) was to the terrorists/what he actually doing for them. I think if he had known he was supplying the terrorists with a nuke, it would have been a different story. Also, I think you're underestimating the curtis-bauer exchange. I mean... honestly... prior to the season I predicted to Ross that Curtis would die this season, but not like that. I mean, that combined with the nuke sequence was right up there with President Palmer being shot last season in terms of WTF just happened.

I'm very fond of the new vixen working at CTU.

Yeah, the father made a stupid decision. also, the new president palmer is not nearly as good as Pedro Cerrano. I mean, wayne is a bad president. first he sacrifices jack. then after it is clear that he can't trust fayed, he just follows his demands. he's an idiot.

Also, I'm not sure if the general who let that terrorist out realizes it, but jack bauer is going to open a can of whoop ass so big on him, he'll be lucky if he's bitten to death....

just throwing that out there.

also enjoyed the hills immensely. my guess is that heidi's not pregnant. audrina is a skeez... though an attractive one.

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous nikhil said...

so what are your thoughts on Maui Fever? im already hooked..

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous beutj said...

god i saw one episode of maui fever last night, and it was fucking terrible.

on another note though...this is the first time i've actually seen most of any given season of real world. and this is from like the 2nd episode, but after davis and tyree got in the huge argument and the gay dude claimed it was because he has a drinking problem, alex reacts by suggesting that davis "hasn't gone out enough, and he just probably needs more experience drinking." then follows it up by this week suggesting to steven that next time jen yells at him, he should respond by bringing up something really personal and "getting her where it hurts" like talking about how she doesn't know her dad. absolutely tremendous ideas out of this one. i mean can he possibly be serious? it's wonderful.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger David L. Bickel said...

beutj... you're clearly jealous of the dudes on maui fever. all they do is brody, surf and crush ass. that is literally all they do. all 24 hours of their days are focused on those three things. you're telling me you'd rather be in the office at 6am every day?

although, i will say, the chicks in that show will constantly be overrated because they will be wearing bikinis all the time.

maui fever.... catch it!


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