Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thoughts on the Tournament Selection

1. How the hell did the committee end up putting UNC, Georgetown, AND Texas together? I think this is easily the most stacked bracket. I don't think there's another bracket where I could reasonably foresee 3 teams winning the entire tournament.

2. The Pac-10, ACC, and Big Ten got ENTIRELY too much respect. How the fucking hell did Stanford, with 18 fucking wins in an average at best conference make it? That's absurd. THEY LOST BY MORE THAN 30 POINTS TO AIR FORCE AT HOME!!!!! Duke also in no way deserves a 6 seed, especially when everyone not named North Carolina looked like absolute garbage in that ACC tournament. Finally, the Big Ten gets six, which is just ridiculous. I don't think you could've watched the Big Ten this year and thought that any team outside of Wisconsin or Ohio State was really all that deserving to begin with, but FOUR?!

3. The Big Twelve and Big East got shafted. Syracuse not making the tournament is an absolute joke. Maybe everyone on the committee just forgot that Syracuse existed and didn't bring them up in discussions. Syracuse, with 20 wins, including giving Georgetown their only loss over the past 17 games, absolutely deserves to go over an 18-win Stanford squad. I also don't see how a team like Oklahoma State, who has wins over 3, and 4 seeds isn't more deserving. I think the problem is the committee focuses too much on in-conference record, which penalizes teams in good conferences and rewards teams in worse conferences.

4. Seth Davis is a complete moron. I will never forget to mention this. Seth Davis claimed that it was "bad for college basketball" for only 6 mid-majors to get at-large bids. Hey Seth, maybe if these awesome mid-major schools like Butler, Xavier, and Nevada WON THEIR FUCKING CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT these at-large bids would've opened for others. Meanwhile Old Dominion is in the tournament and Syracuse isn't. Go fuck yourself.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger Chubbs and Anthony said...

Hey. Xavier had a good resume. Why all the angst about Syracuse? You're anti-mid-major?

Were you turning into the Beutj when you wrote this?

All Syracuse had to do was beat ND, right?


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