Sunday, June 03, 2007

First Nights in Egypt

So the first few nights in Egypt are in the book, and I must say, I am VERY impressed with the city's night life so far. People are out until all hours of the morning. Some of them don't drink obviously (because of Allah or pigs or something), but everyone is out late and a lot of the people here do seem to get after it. First of all, EVERYONE smokes. Everyone. Cigarettes and hookah (shishah), and they do it everywhere. Hookah, like everything else here is absurdly cheap. It's basically $1 per person for a hookah, much like it costs me about $1.50 to eat breakfast and lunch everyday. I should buy a car here or something. Or a woman. Whichever's cheaper I guess.

The first night out, on Friday, we went to a gorgeous restaurant on the Nile called Sequoia. Open air bar, beautiful out, bumpin' some soulful beats (including a techno remix of Kelis' "Milkshake"), right on top of the Nile. I'm pretty confident in saying it's the coolest bar/restaurant I've ever been too. The place was very loungy, but it wasn't the kind of place you would expect people from NJ Guido to want to go to, so that was nice. There appeared to be only a few of us getting after it (me and Menter obviously among them), and after smoking some shishah and downing some of the local beer "Stella" (no, not Stella Artois), we headed out looking for bars. Sadly, me and Menter had no idea how to get anywhere and we ended up walking about a mile to this place Bora Bora which may have been nice if the guy didn't make us pay 50 pounds ($9) minimum that couldn't be applied towards booze, then refused to let us out of the minimum after we told him there was some confusion and that we'd just pay for our beers and leave. Egyptians do not abide by the motto, "The customer is always right" apparently. They also don't abide by the motto, "Always use deodorant" or "Be less stupid." Anyway, we eventually came back and I passed out with my laptop on my chest.

Saturday, like today, we had orientation at the school. Whatever. Boring ass shit. They gave us cell phones though and if you want to call me in Egypt (fine by me, you may have to pay a decent buck though) or probably text me which won't be expensive, you have to dial 011-20-184250207. Yeah, I dont get it either.

Also, the campus is absolutely gorgeous, I posted some photos of it on facebook, but it is wide open, green, and is perfect for chilling, reading, and ripping mad butts.

Saturday night a bunch of us went for dinner and drinks at this bar/restaurant near the dorms called Don Quichotte. Yeah, they spelled it wrong. Place was kind of lame, as we should've expected, but it was a nice atmosphere, just nothing you wouldn't see all over the place in the states and hence, disappointing. After that though, was anything but a disappointment.

We then took a cab to the Hotel Marriot, which, by the way, is a fucking palace. Seriously, I think it qualifies as a palace. It's enormous. It also has a casino which thankfully we didn't get to last night. However, out back is this HUGE outdoor area of bar/restaurants. We immediately ordered 3 shishas and 8% Meister beer. Needless to say, I got after it. The place was huge, full of Christmas lights, and even had two Egyptians singing with a band and a belly dancer. We thought it was awesome. Also awesome is spending 5 hours drinking and smoking hookah, getting the bill, and realizing you only have to pay $25. God Egypt is awesome.

Also, apparently I may or may not have knocked over some empty bottles with the hookah, and I may or may not have passed out with my laptop on my chest again

I've got to run now though, I need to read for my classes tomorrow before I go out again tonight. Met some random undergrad chicks staying in the dorm on the bus back today and plan on getting after it with them. Check out the photos on facebook if you're interested. Holler.


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