Saturday, December 08, 2007

11:28 -Jim Lampley just told me to party like a "rockstar." Also, I just spent a half hour driving my roommate's car into a parking spot a half mile away drunk. Mad Max, welcome to Thunderdome!

11:30 - British people are gay. They smell like soccer and douches.

11:31 - This just in again: : Larry Merchant STILL hates black people. And Jews. And the internet.

11:32 - Jim Lampley just thought Emaneul Stewart was his wife and made love to him after punching him in the face repeatedly. The aberration: No pull out.

11:34 - The fight is already downhill after Michael Buffer forgets to turn his microphone on, and his vibrator. TOM JONES! I'm not even sure how to respond. But Britain sucks. Look. Ricky Hatton is cool, but has he ever showed up to fight a Mexican in a bullet vest! TYRESE!

11:39 - Mark Cuban and Wayne Newton!? Am I on crack?! Seriously, I did not smoke THAT much pot.

11:41 - Hatton's entrance sucks... I am shitting everywhere in anticipation of Mayweather. Oh good, blue sequins, I feel like I'm watching a gay irish dancing recital.


11:45 - This fight brought to you by Amurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrica.

11:46 - Paul Smith looks like he ate the last doughnut.

11:47 - This just in: British people hate black people. A lot.

11:52 - Even round. I give it to Mayweather because it was even. Mayweather 10, Hatton 9.

11: 56 - Round to Hatton - Even. Hatton 19 - Mayweather 19.

12:00 - Roung to Mayweather? He cut Hatton. 28 - 29 Mayweather.

12:04 - Round DEFINITELY to Mayweather - Mayweather - 39 - Hatton 37, but I could see the fight being tied at this point. Also, this just in, YORKTOWN MOTHAFUCKA!

12:08 - Round to Hatton, definitely - Mayweather 48 - Hatton - 47.

12:12 - Hatton wins, but rabbit punch = draw. Mayweather - 57 - Hatton 56.

12:16 - Hatton wins that round, easily. Tied up.

12:20 - Mayweather definitely wins the 8th, he looks GOOD, up 1 round.

12:24 - Mayweather wins in a quasi-draw - He's up two rounds.

12:27 - Hatton fought well, but Floyd was amazing. EASILY, Floyd's most difficult fight. He took him out. The post fight discussion was great, Ricky Hatton you know the whole time is thinking, "God I hate black people." This just in AGAIN: Larry Merchant thinks black people are undisciplined.

12:29 - Can't nobody take my priiiiiiiiiide, can't nobody hollllllld me dowwwwwwwwn, oh no. I got to keep on mooooooovin

12:32 - British people just booed Jesus Christ... our savior after Mayweather mentioned him because Larry Merchant just claimed to be a descendant of the prophhet Mohammed. I think.


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous David L. Bickel said...

My thoughts:

#1. Mayweather is unbelievable. I was very unimpressed with him after the de la hoya fight and am equally impressed with him after the hatton fight.

#2. the atmosphere was awesome. thank you drunk englishmen.

#3. The point deduction really got into hatton's head. I had mayweather up 3-2 going into that round, but once hatton got that point deducted, he got picked apart, it was really the turning point of the fight.

#4. Mayweather in the 8th was unreal. he landed 26/46 power punches. he was just splitting hatton's gloves.

#5. the check up. what a move. he set up hatton so perfectly for the hook, it was awesome.

#6. The undercards were abusrdly bad. Edner CHERRY BOMB Cherry knocked someone out, but until then that fight was awful. ponce de leon's opponent was a little bitch and wouldnt fight and the kid from the contender was certainly no wop genius like tommy gufano.

#7. roger mayweather is hilarious.

#8. I didn't enjoy the mayweather entourage nearly as much sans 50 cent. Cuban was a great touch though.

#9. what a suit from tyrese

#10. what the fuck happened to tom jones? seriously? that was him? wow. he's been through some rough times in his life by the way he looked.

#11. is there anyone out there that would be a good matchup for floyd? sugar shane? i feel like floyd would get him. cotto? i don't know.

#12. "THERE'S ONLY ONE, RICKY HATTON! walking along, singing a song, walking in a hatton wonderland!"


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