Saturday, May 03, 2008

Charles' Draft Grades

Buffalo Bills - B-: I thought the Bills started out strong. They needed to pick up a cornerback and a wide receiver, and as you saw in my mock draft, I thought cornerback was actually a bigger need than wide receiver. Taking McKelvin, who many thought was the best CB in the draft, first was a great call, and then waiting until the 2nd round, when almost literally every WR they may have wanted was still available, was a great call. Fuck Devin Thomas. They got James Hardy AND Leodis McKelvin. However, the rest of their draft I felt was uninspired. They took a lot of low-risk, low-reward type guys, and Chris Ellis was a HUGE reach in the 3rd round, he is way too undersized to ever play DE in the NFL, and definitely not athletic enough to play LB.

New York Jets - C+: I'm not sure how to grade the Jets. I like the Gholston pick in terms of what was available, although I don't necessarily think that he's ever going to turn into an impact player. However, I'm slightly baffled by the move up to get Dustin Keller. I thought Baker did a helluva job last year, and I think Keller, while he is athletic, isn't amazing enough of a receiver to justify being taken at this point in the draft when he will never be a solid blocker at the end of the line. Other than that, I thought Lowery was a whatever pick in the 4th round, I liked them taking Ainge in the 5th as they obviously need a QB to supplement the terrible twosome of Clemens and Pennington. However, here's my big quibble... why didn't they take Booty?! I thought this would've been a GREAT call for them, and it wouldn't have required an early draft pick. They get bumped from a C to a C+ because I think Marcus Henry has potential to be a solid slot receiver.

Miami Dolphins - A-: Anytime you can pull in 3 future perennial Pro-Bowlers at key positions without mortgaging your future, your draft has been a success. The only reason why their draft ins't an A or an A+ is because they didn't land any steals as far as I can see in the later rounds. But, Jake Long, a guy who is probably going to give you 10 years as an all-pro tackle, Phillip Merling, a guy who could potentially be Osi Umenyiora-esque, AND Chad Henne, who could start immediately for you at QB, you have had a VERY. VERY successful draft.

New England Patriots - B+: I may be biased here, but I really think Shawn Crable to the Patriots in the third round was the biggest steal of the draft. I honestly think he will make at least 3 Pro-bowls under this staff and on this team. Additionally, they were able to snag Jerod Mayo and a few other guys (particularly Matt Slater, a white WR along the lines of Wes Welker.)

Rest of the draft grades to come later tomorrow/this weekend...

In a quick side note... Who else is fucking PSYCHED for the prospect of the Hawks beating the Celtics? I mean, not to make a Sports Guy-esque point, but can you imagine this team with CP III or Deron? Their lineup is so awesome to watch. Josh Smith, JJ, and Al Horford (who by the way, is going to be the next Amare), and add a top 3 PG to that?! Jesus. I will lose it if they beat the Celtics on Sunday. I am waiting with baited breath. Hopefully Sports Guy kills himself and his daughter if it happens.


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