Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, we're doing the Chad Ford-Bill Simmons thing

1. Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose G, Memphis

Chubbs - OK, so I really think that Michael Beasley is going to be the one true legendary player from this draft, but this is a foregone conclusion. I think Derrick Rose is a good pick here despite the fact that he won't be as good individually as Beasley. Rose is at a position of greater need for the Bulls (I know, I don't like drafting for need either), and I think he'll be a better addition to a team that needs a floor leader and someone who seems like more of a team player/winning mentality type guy. I go with Rose, but if I were the Bulls I probably would've looked a lot harder at Beasley than they appear to have.

Anthony: Yeah, the Bulls are going to take Rose, and, I'm torn. I guess I'm not sold on Beasley for some reason, yet. I had thought he was a dominant post player but now I hear that he is kind of a 'Melo-Horford hybrid. Which sounds good, but if he isn't going to do most of his work from the post, I'm not sure his value is extraordinary. For the Bulls they desperately need a game-changing offensive player - it doesn't matter the position. They will get one with this pick.

2. Miami Heat - OJ Mayo

Anthony: This is tough for me. I'm a dirty flip-flopping hypocrite of a liar. I have been trashing the Bulls for the last month because of their failure to embrace Beasley. I have been bitching about the Heat's refusal to add Beasley to the Marion and Haslem front line. For whatever reason the last 48 hours of pundits proclaiming how "mature" OJ Mayo is, and his burgeoning friendship with Dwyane Wade has almost completely shifted my point of view on this. It's extremely rare for the opportunity to add a high draft pick to a franchise player. The last team I can remember able to do this were the Spurs who got the number one pick after suffering through the David Robinson injury. Robinson and Duncan became friends - had a chemistry, and the rest is history. If Wade really likes Mayo - why not let Mayo be his Pippen. Mayo seems to really respect Wade, so maybe he plays second fiddle. One week ago I hated OJ Mayo. Now I'm lost, confused, and am excited about his future with D-Wade. Punch me in the face.

Chubbs: I mean, we all know my thoughts on OJ Mayo. What we might not all know, is that Verne Troyer has a sex tape.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves - Michael Beasley

Chubbs - Well I think this is a pretty easy selection here. I've been describing Michael Beasley as SuperMelo or Carmelo on steroids. Apparently everyone else has, and I no longer feel unique. I think his game is similar, although his range might be worse. However, he certainly makes up for it with superior rebounding and post-up ability. If you are the Timberwolves you would have to be crapping your pants if Beasley is still on the board, and it seems like this might actually be feasible. I don't quite get the Heat's aversion to Beasley, particularly because I think Beasley is the only sure thing in this draft in terms of a regular all-star. That being said, I think this is going to be a very good top 3, and there's one more guy left on the board that I really like to do things, but we'll wait to see where he goes before I point him out.

Anthony - Yeah, this would pretty much make the T-Wolves viable again. Would they even wait a minute on the clock. Hmm .. . We get the best player in the draft for the 3rd overall pick's salary. And now our front line of Corey Brewer, Michael Beasley, and Al Jefferson looks like it could really challenge teams in the West. No other pick would make the T-Wolves relevant. Really.

4. Seattle Supersonics - Jerryd Bayless

Anthony- Now. I'm not nuts about Bayless. He turns the ball over a lot, and I'm not sure he is even really a true point guard. He can definitely score and the Sonics are DESPERATE for a guard on that team. Ridnour, Earl Watson, and Damien Wilkins are fine bench players, but none of them should really be starting. You can't put Erick Gordon on a team with Durant because you need a guy who actually knows how to pass the ball. And Bayless is the better passer. Westbrook is also a definite option here. However, given Seattle's history (Saene, Petro, Swift) they will draft an oversized oaf of a center named Brook Lopez and have him become the fifth failed center still currently on the roster. Please, for Durant's sake, take Bayless.

Chubbs - Uh, sure? I guess? I don't know. I'm not sold on any of these remaining guards. I think Augustin and Chalmers could be solid starters or very solid rotation guys, but other than that, I'm not really buying. I am, however, buying the Mini Me porno when it comes out. I mean, come on, the girl's going to be hot, and it'll officially be the first time you won't be able to decide whether you're crying from laughter or crying because you always do when you masturbate. Anyway, I've gone off topic. I think the Sonics are awful. I mean look at their roster. Seriously, it's beyond awful. Durant will be sick, and Green will be a solid starter, but other than that. Jesus Christ. They need a big man. Otherwise, they're going to need this guy to step it up:

5. Memphis Grizzlies - Kevin Love, C

Chubbs - I love Kevin Love (pun intended or unintended, whatever, fuck you, I don't know how else to say it). I think his combination of passing ability, post-moves, and hard-nosed rebounding are going to make him a legitimate big man in the NBA. The Grizzlies desperately need a solid big man to go with their plethora of young guards. I mean, if they could make this Brian Cardinal and the 5th pick trade with the Knicks for the 6th pick, David Lee, and Malik Rose's expiring contract (which has been rumored by the way, I can't even make that trade up), they should do it, but I think Kevin Love would be a great choice.

Anthony - The Grizzlies suck.

6. New York Knicks - Joe Alexander, F

Anthony - People are saying that this Dano Italian guy is D'Antoni's type of player. Me, I don't really buy it just because they are both European. Alexander on the other hand is definitely a D'Antoni guy. He can shoot, jump, run the floor and is active. Now, if I were the Knicks I would go Westbrook here. But, I think D'Antoni wants a PURE point guard, not just some guy who can play the position. But, good god they really need a guard. Nate Robinson, Marbury, Fred Jones. The only one they have is Jamal Crawford.

Chubbs - As someone who watches the Knicks a lot and would like to see entertaining basketball games this year, I love this pick. I really, really like Joe Alexander. He's big, he's quick, and he can shoot. He has a lot of different skill sets and he's only been playing for a few years. He really impressed me in the Big East and NCAA tournament. So Mini Me's got a tiny penis, right? God, I love that scene in the Surreal Life where he's peeing off the side of his scooter drunk as shit. I digress. Again.

7. Los Angeles Clippers - DJ Augustin, PG

Chubbs - I know this isn't going to happen, but the Clippers need a guard (I guess), and I like Augustin the most out of the remaining guards. Sure his size (he's only six feet tall) is a concern because he can't play the 2, but with Shaun Livingston coming back, they could run a two guard set with those two. Augustin is a great shooter and he's lightning quick. DJ Augustin probably best rates out as Eddie House, but I'm saying I'll take it.

Anthony - Yeah, Augustin sucks. Clearly Westbrook should go here. Augustin is an undersized shoot first point guard who quite clearly ruined Texas' tourney run by not being able to get the ball to Durant slash taking horrible shots the whole game. There is precedent here with Sammy Cassell. But, really, just.. sigh.

8. Milwaukee Bucks - Eric Gordon, G

Anthony - I don't love Gordon's game. But, I do think he will be able to score. The Bucks pretty much have average players at all 5 positions. They need someone who has the chance to be special. As much as I think Gordon will flop, who else has a chance to score twenty points a game that is left? No one.

Chubbs - Yeah, I think Eric Gordon sucks. He's not a team player (he opted out of his LOI from Illinois and went to Indiana, and while he didn't cause the scandal, he sure as hell let it derail him and his teammates). He didn't shoot lights out from deep, and everyone is making him out to be this great shooter. Really 33% from the college three? Color me wholly unimpressed.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Brook Lopez, C

Chubbs - The Bobcats apparently really want to help out Okafor and add some in the paint presence, and Lopez will help. I don't think he's ever going to become an NBA superstar. Far from it, but I think at the 9th pick he's a solid pickup. I think he could be a solid starter for a big man at the NBA level. However, don't even get me started on his fucking brother. How people are projecting this guy as a solid bench guy for defense and rebounding when he only averaged 5 rebounds/game as a STARTER in college.

Anthony - Congrats. You have just selected Chris Mihm.

10. New Jersey Nets - Russell Westbrook, G

Anthony: The long national nightmare is over for Westbrook. The Nets greedily grab him at the ten slot here and have him be the first guy off the bench backing up both Devin Harris and Vince Carter. He is the only guy left who really can create an impact for a team. Defensively, with ballhandling; Westbrook is ready to play right now. Steal for the Nets.

Chubbs - DAMMIT! I think Anthony just did this to spite me. He knows that I'm wildly anti-Russell Westbrook. I guess It'd be hard for me to complain about the Nets drafting a guy who could go as high as fourth with the tenth pick, but I don't know, I just don't foresee him being a great player. I guess he's fine at 10, but I think the Sonics are crazy to take him with the 4th pick knowing that Kevin Love or Joe Alexander are on the board. Believe it or not, I'd want the Nets to take Danilo Gallardo here.

11. Indiana Pacers - Darrell Arthur, PF

Chubbs - OK, this is a little rogue, because Kosta Koufas is still on the board, and most people like him more than Darrell Arthur, and I thought about Anthony Randolph here, but I don't like how everyone has backed off of him after workouts. I'd be fine with either of those, but Darrell Arthur is a big man who can run the floor and has a face up game. I think that'd be a great addition to the Pacers after they got rid of Jermaine O'Neal and picked up TJ Ford. They need to go big here for sure. Kinda like Mini Me's wiener.

Anthony- Well this goes perfectly with your irrational love of Brandan Wright from last year. "Look he looks so smooth." Yeah, that's fine, but he just doesn't do anything. By the way I love how you just throw in Joe Alexander - who if everything goes well - will be a rotation player for ten years, as one of the best players in the draft. Hmm. I have to say I'm smelling Roy Hibbert from the Pacers with one of their two picks.

12. Sacramento Kings - Brandon Rush, SG

Anthony- Just a solid pick. They need a young player to put in their rotation. Rush is solid. What . .Whatever.

Chubbs - I like Rush. I think he's a rotation player permanently. James Posey is his ceiling, but that's a good ceiling.

13. Portland Trailblazers - Danilo Gallinari, SF

Chubbs - Yeah, so I don't really think the Trailblazers will do this, but Gallinari will be another very solid rotation player, and frankly I just would never take this Ajinca guy or any of the other Euros. I think Gallinari would be a great value pick here. Whatever, let's end this, because I'm watching Real World and it's riveting.


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