Friday, June 20, 2008

Boxing: Top 5 P4P.

Keep in mind, I only rate fighters down to Junior Lightweight. I just can't get goin on the little guys.

1) Miguel Cotto: Let's see he has crushed Shane Mosely and Carlos Quintana. He moves effortlessly between southpaw and classic style, and has an insane uppercut. Oh, yeah, and Mayweather spent two years ducking him, and De La Hoya wants to make him his farewell fight. Has an awesome fight with Antonio Margarito on the horizon.

2) Kelly Pavlik: The Ghost is the most exciting fighter in the game. He somehow combines the work rate of Joe Calzaghe with the brute force of Manny Pacquiao. He wins rounds by throwing tons of punches, yet also has as much power as anyone he faces. His defense isn't first class, but by god his chin sure is.

3) Juan Manuel Marquez - I saw the first two fights with Pacquiao. As much as I like Manny, JMM won them both despite only getting a draw and losing a majority decision. Phenomenal counter puncher.

4) Manny Pacquiao - Not much separates he and JMM. Pac-Man is by far the more exciting fighter with gaudy power and little defense.

5) Jermain Taylor - He beat Hopkins twice - who is somehow rated higher on most people's p4p lists. And, after switching back to his old trainer he nearly stole a decision off of Kelly Pavlik. He's got quick hands, and can deliver a mean counter punch. He caught Kelly clean a bunch of times in that second fight. The thing that really separates them is Kelly's chin. Taylor's face swells up and a shot on the kisser will take him out of his game. Kelly can just take a punch and keep moving forward

Guys that are not in this list and in most are:

Bernard Hopkins - I'm sorry. He fights anyone, which can be lauded. I am convinced he can nearly get a draw from any fighter in history. Unfortunately, he hasn't really won a fight in a long time. And he just sucks to watch.

Joe Calzaghe - Yeah. His fight with Hopkins was awful and I thought he lost it. What else is there to say. Everyone's favorite p4p has won tight decisions against exactly two guys - Hopkins and Kessler. And that puts him number one overall?

Shane Mosely - Fights anyone at any time. He is super fast. Fought Cotto well.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger D. Bickel said...

my thoughts on boxing:

#1. mayweather needs to come back and fight cotto.

#2. i've only seen pavlik fight once... it was his last fight and he obliterated the dude he was fighting, so i was impressed.

#3. can ricky hatton fight again soon?


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