Thursday, January 11, 2007

College Football Round-up

Just to quickly wrap up the college football season.
1) I had Florida winning that game all the way; and those Michigan fans who repeatedly claimed OSU would kill Florida were idiots. That being said:
--- What the hell was Tressel thinking? The guy is a snobby douche, but he's always been a top notch play caller and has had OSU phenomenally prepared when they have time off. But, for whatever reason, he ditched his effective running game in favor of a spread-passing attack which Florida was killing with the blitz. Troy Smith (who I may have been premature in anointing as the next Drew Brees) was constantly harassed and Ginn was knocked out. I don't know why they didn't stay with the ground game; but I'm sure glad they didn't, because it sure warmed my heart to see OSU get obliterated.
- -- How great would it be to be a Florida fan? Ignore the obvious that you have just won a basketball and football NCAA championship in the same year (the two holy grails for college sports); but in 2007 you will have 2 of the most talented basketball players in the game (Noah and Horford); and the two most exciting football players in the country in Harvey and Tebow. Harvey already looks much more polished than Ginn ever has, and Tebow is one of the most phenomenal athletes I've ever seen. How is it that in every game Tebow ALWAYS got 3 yards on that QB slam play they run - no matter the defensive alignment. He's awesome to behold. Damn you, Gainesville.
---- My main concern with Michigan was not the USC game plan, or the fear of a large talent discrepancy between what we thought we had and what we actually did have. No, my fear was how Michigan got worse throughout the year. Northwestern, Ball State, Ohio State, and USC were all very bad games this year. And the only good team we beat all year was Wisconsin.
--- The biggest problem with the BCS is it WANTS to be a playoff. It's whole goal is to determine who's #1 on the field; yet it stays married to this antiquated bowl system and poll system. You either have to go one of two ways: Go back to the old bowl system when the actual bowl had meaning, and the Coaches or AP awarded the title on their own accord. (Was I the only one that liked watching the Cotton, the Citrus, the Orange, the Rose, the Holiday just because they were cool? Didn't it use to be a big deal to win a Cotton Bowl? OR, go all the way and use the bowls as a means to an end and have an 8 team playoff. This bullshit as it is now doesn't make sense at all to me. I mean it ends with a coaches poll where the coaches can't even vote for #1 and #2. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN???
---- Michigan's prospects: Well, it sure is nice to have Henne, Hart, Long, and Burgess back but I can't see us being any better than we were this year. For us to succeed we'll have to switch into an offense first-squad-- and hope to score 30 points a game. We really can't hope to win with field position and defense. I think Manningham and Arrington have a shot to be the best WR duo in Michigan history next year if they can stay healthy, and we can give Henne time.
---- What about that Boise State game?! If I was a voter in the AP bowl I would have gone ahead and given Boise my vote. Do I think they are the best team in the country? Hell, no; but I really don't have any idea who is; and it'd be nice to stick it to the BCS voters.


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Nate said...

Okay, sure, Michigan will have to be an offense-first team to win next year. I agree with you there. And that's not the way most Michigan teams win. Again, I agree.

But doesn't next year's team have a great shot at making that transition? Henne, Hart, Long, Manningham, and Arrington are all back, and let's not forget that Timmy "Touchdown" Massaquoi graduated last year (and was drafted by the bucs just a few spots ahead of the saints taking Colston...and GRuden thought that a draft-room discussion about which bottom of the board TE to take was meaningless) so he won't drag us down. I know we're losing starters on the O-Line, but I'm saying there's probably some people ready to step up there. Obviously I don't really know what I'm talking about. I would kindly request that insider-info Bickel shed some light on the situation. Second, I know Michigan offenses(/teams) always choke and are never as good as they should/could be. But remember, this is an offense led by HEISMAN CANDIDATE Mike Hart we're talking about here. My views on him are well known, so I won't elaborate further. The defense is also obviously a question mark, but this is still Michigan.

Re:Tebow, my analysis is a little different--he always got 3 yards on that QB Slam play b/c it's just a sweet play. I've been saying that ever since i used it for an entire season with QB Eagles, but maybe people will start listening to me now(i also used it for a while with steve grogan, and sure it wasn't quite as successful but the pats still managed to win a few games).

Finally, re: Florida Fans, your points about very talented players is well taken, but you forget to mention that you can't tell if any of the girls in gainesville are attractive b/c they're always bundled up in three layers of turtleneck sweaters. so really it's no fun to go there. sigh...

At 4:31 PM, Blogger David L. Bickel said...

as far as the o-line goes....
i'm confident the line will be solid next year. long and mitchell can continue holding down the left. kraus and boren will be at center/rg.... the issue is RT. we had a fresh this year, Schilling, who had mono, if he comes back strong he could be starting.

defensively we are going to STRUGGLE in the secondary. linebacker i think we'll be OK (we do lose harris, who may have been our best overall player this year, & prescott), with crable, john thompson, then a combination of graham, patilla, mouton and panter. dline will be good. TT is solid at tackle. brandon graham is a freak athletically at end and i think jamison is due for a breakout year. also, will johnson/marques slocum can hopefully pick up the slack at the other DT spot. DB... we're screwed. Steve Brown was sick on STs this year, maybe he'll step in and start at safety. not sure who the other will be... at far as CB goes... we have morgan trent (AWFUL), johnny sears (showed us nothing this year), charles stewart (still not sure what he can do) and hopefully Ronald Johnson (possible recruit, top 10 nationally, people say he will start at CB for us next year if he comes).... i mean, i agree with bootsy. our offense is going to be awesome. we have home games against psu, nd, osu next year... our big road game is at Wiscy.

i mean, we're going to underperform, but we have HEISMAN CANDIDATE mike hart...

also, about that championship game, rumor has it that OSU cleared Ginn to go back into the game, but he and his dad decided not to risk further injury and just sit out the rest. good job ginn. you bitch.

also, i'm not sure that bootsy realizes it... but NOBODY thought that Marques Colston was a TE except for Yahoo Fantasy Sports... he was a WR at hofstra, he weighs like 200 pounds... he's a WR. timmy touchdown might just be my fantasy TE next year... i hear gruden loves him.... (he doesn't).


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