Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jet Favre!

Brett Favre is a Jet. Chad Pennington is a Dolphin. And, both teams are delightfully mediocre. Really, for me personally, this whole saga could not have played out any worse. Pennington is now in Miami delaying the brilliant Chad Henne era that I was ramping up for, and Favre is in New York which will take the Brett Favre coverage from totally ungodly annoying to psychotic.

The weirdest aspect of all this is how I became somehow pro Aaron Rodgers in all this nonsense. I didn't even think he deserved to be a first round pick when he was drafted. I figured him to be a weak-armed product of Joe Tedford's system at Cal which has produced not just mediocre but terrible quarterbacks in the NFL. But, now, given the beard and hair he grew out in the offseason and the "f u" attitude he took with this whole situation. I am starting to believe he could actually be a good quarterback.

And one more thought on Pennington. Remember, last year when Leftwich was cut for David Garrard. And, everyone was like, "Wow, not a terrible move. But Leftwich could really help some team that needs a QB." And then he got to Atlanta and everyone realized that he is not even a back-up quality quarterback in the NFL. I see this situation with Pennington playing out quite similarily. And with Henne and Beck waiting in the wings I just really have to believe that Pennington will not be starting the second half of this season.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Nate said...

The one thing that would have been worse is for Favre to stay retired. He brings too much joy into the world as an NFL quarterback to stay retired.

re: Aaron Rodgers, I've been wildly pro ever since last year's Dallas game (see: picking him up during that game). He's screwed of course--no one can follow Brett Favre and not go crazy trying to live up to the expectations, and don't try and pull the relaxed surfer bullshit when your job commonly requires getting pancaked by 270 pound athletes trying to kill you--but it should at least be fun to watch. Given how poorly this played out, I figure the world owes it to us to have this continue in the best possible way, namely: Favre gets fed up with the NY media in the first five weeks of the season and demands (another) trade, while simultaneously Aaron Rodgers throws 4 picks a game and is benched in week 5, leading to GB and the Jets swapping the two straight up before the trade deadline. Whoever can, make it happen.

I don't like the Pennington/Leftwich comparison. Leftwich was propped up for years by a great running game and a John Henderson-led defense (he of the pre-game face slapping fame (note to chubbs: not EAR slapping fame)). Pennington, meanwhile, hasn't had to worry about his teammates inflating his value. To put it in terms of Madden, Leftwich had great throw power but terrible accuracy/awareness, while Pennington has terrible power but seems to have some measure of accuracy and veteran wiliness/awareness. With a guy like Leftwich all you can do is bomb it deep and hope, and when your receivers are Ernest Wilford and coked-up Matt Jones that's not going to work. But with an accuracy guy you can at least throw a bunch of swing passes and hope, and it's not like the Dolphins' receivers are demanding touches. (related point--how much does Parcells have to hate Ted Ginn? I'm SURE he would have made the same pick there) I'm not saying Pennington is going to tear up the league--or even be an adequate fantasy starter--but he's going to hold on to the job through at least the first 12 games of the season as Henne practices.


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