Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog from Day 1 of the NBA:

  • I have officially already drank the Bulls Kool-Aid for what seems like the 15th consecutive year. Apparently they are committing to Ty Thomas, D-Rose, and Luol Deng as their three go-to guys. They were the only ones to play more then 30 minutes tonight and all responded. Particularly Ty with a 15 and 10. They brought Hinrich, Gordon, Nocioni, and Noah off the bench today. You have to think this team will figure it out this year. Should I mention they were playing the Bucks?
  • Bickel and Chubbs: This is the beginning of my "Greg Oden is a bum" campaign. Statline tonight: 0 pts. 2 turnovers, 1 block, 5 boards... and from watching the game. . HE LIMPS. .. CONSTANTLY.
  • Good news for Cavs fans: LeBron has learned a backdoor cut and spent most the game looking for easy baskets behind the defense. Bad news for Cavs fans: LeBron had Tony Allen posted up 5 feet from the hoop twice, no double team, and he dribbled away from the hoop to the three point line. Unbelievable these aren't layups for him, yet. But, in all honesty, their coach has a good strategy. LeBron is going to see lots of time at the 4. And, he responded by knocking the ball away from KG in the post and throwing in a couple of blocks. Bron could be a terror around the rim this year.


At 5:49 AM, Blogger D. Bickel said...

just read your other post. actually, neither of chubbs' surprises were picked to make the playoffs.

and oden might have fractured his foot. hence his limp. do you know who else scored 0 points in his nba debut... doug collins... and kobe. im not ready to give up on oden yet... he actually is the perfect fit for the blazers if he's healthy, someone who can defend the rim and only has to score like 10-15 ppg and grab 10-12 rebounds.... in spite of them getting blown out by the lakers (who looked really good by the way, even thought bynum looked like garbage and sasha still hasnt seen a shot he hasn't liked) i still like the blazers this year. even without oden, they could pair fernandez (who looked impressive tonight) and roy in the backcourt and outlaw is a good 3 for that team. im a big brandon roy fan.... so i still like the blazers.

im waiting for the beasley/wade era to begin.

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Anthony said...

The question is: Where does this belief that Oden can easily go 15 and 10 come from? One game against Florida? Or is this still from his high school ability?


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