Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Chubbs' Predictions:

Eastern Conference:
Atlantic: New Jersey Nets
Central: Detroit Pistons
Southeast: Miami Heat
Other playoff teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic

Underrated: Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks), Mo Williams (Bucks), Marcus Williams (Nets), The Bobcats

Overrated: Ben Wallace (Bulls), Larry Hughes (Cavs), Marvin Williams (Hawks), The Raptors

Conference Finals: Miami Heat over New Jersey Nets

Western Conference:
Northwest: Utah Jazz
Pacific: Phoenix Suns
Southwest: Dallas Mavericks
Other Playoff teams: San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, New Orleans Hornets, LA Lakers, Houston Rockets

Underrated: Leandro Barbosa (Suns), Shaun Livingston (Clippers), Rudy Gay (Grizzlies), The Hornets, The Rockets

Overrated: Tim Duncan (Spurs), Erick Dampier (Mavs), Patrick O'Bryant (Warriors), The Nuggets

Conference Championship: Phoenix Suns over Dallas Mavericks

NBA Finals: Phoenix Suns over Miami Heat
MVP: Lebron James
Scoring Title: Kobe Bryant
Rookie of the Year: Brandon Roy
6th Man Award: Bonzi Wells
Defensive Player of the Year: Gerald Wallace

Anthony's Predictions:

Playoffs in the East:

1) Chicago Bulls

2) Detroit Pistons

3) Cleveland Cavaliers

4) Miami Heat

5) New Jersey Nets

6) Milwaukee

7) Washington

8) Orlando

9) Boston

10) Philadelphia

Analysis: I think every team in the top 4 got better this offseason except for Miami. Chicago added Big Ben and Tyrus Thomas to sure up their interior defense. They have Deng back healthy, and the best depth in the league. With Skiles coaching they won't take a night off. The Pistons will have a bounce back year and they won't miss Big Ben AT ALL. McDyess is a better player for them on that team. Chauncey being an MVP candidate last year was a joke. But look to them to make a statement. The Heat will absolutely coast through the first half of the season. And Lebron is still Lebron. Cavs will finish 3rd. 6 - 10 is really a toss-up. The Sixers needed to package Iverson and get rid of him, because they can no longer defend anyone with Webber, Korver, and Iverson starting. Especially Webber.

Milwaukee is the surprise pick here. Let's see, they upgraded at point guard, power forward, and center in the offseason, and their 2 and 3 are Michael Redd and Bobby Simmons. They should win 45 games and shock a lot of people - especially if Villanueva plays any defense this year.

Playoffs in the West:

1) San Antonio

2) Phoenix

3) Houston

4) Dallas

5) Clippers

6) Memphis

7) Lakers

8) Minnesota

Analysis: I know a lot less about the Western Conference than the Eastern. So let me talk about players. If Duncan's healthy this year, he'll be the best player in the league again. If T-Mac and Yao are healthy, they'll be one of the best teams in the NBA. I don't think Amare is going to be healthy all year, which will hurt the Suns. Kobe is good enough for the playoffs, especially if he lets Odom shoot this year. And KG HAS to get his team into the playoffs this year, or he's officially off the elite player board. The Clippers are entirely reliant on Livingston becoming a very good player this year; but I'm not as sure as others are. Point guards who can't shoot, don't really last that long.

One more thought: "The best player in the NBA" debate isn't such a worthwhile discussion. But, here's all I can add about Dwyane and Lebron and Kobe. Lamar Odom, Damon Jones, Rafer Alston, Udonis Haslem, James Posey, Jason Williams, Brian Grant, all had career years playing with Wade. All of them have made their money and had their best statistical season with Dwyane. It's what Jordan did with Steve Kerr, Jud Buecheler, Luc Longley, and a host of other stooges who got multi-year deals just by being on the court with him. The greatest players make tons of money for other players - and that's what Dwyane does. Now, if Larry Hughes and Lamar Odom become All-Stars this year, Kobe and Lebron have done their job. . . if not. . . what have they done?

Conference Finals:

Heat beat Cavaliers in 7 games.

The best regular season game last year becomes the series that comes to define the games two greatest players of our generation. Seeing these guys go head to head for 7 games is more of a hope than a prediction. I give the edge to the Heat just because I think in crunch time, Wade and Posey can get stops on Lebron more often than Hughes and Lebron can get stops on Wade. Sadly, both of these teams best lineups would be without their anchors Big Z and Shaq.

Spurs beat Rockets in 5 games.

The real tough test for the Spurs will be against the Mavs. But a healthy Duncan won't let them off the hook this year. Van Gundy figures out a way to slow down the Suns attack, because Amare never gets back to full strength this year. The Spurs have been their too many times, and Duncan is like Yao-plus underneath.

Spurs over Heat in 7.

Wade again asserts himself as the world's best player, but Shaq doesn't have enough in the tank to deal with Duncan. Wade doesn't get the defensive break he had with Jason Terry having to check Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili all series. The Spurs eventually wear down the Heat to collect their final championship of Tim Duncan's prime.


MVP: 1)Lebron James, 2) Tim Duncan, 3) Kobe Bryant 4) Elton Brand, 5) Dirk Nowitzki

A real tough one here. I don't think Wade will be in contention because the Heat will coast, and they are going to try to limit Wade's minutes from his grueling championship run and offseason. Duncan bounces back, Brand will be underappreciated, and Kobe will still be too hated. The Cavs have Hughes back, Varejao gets more minutes, so they should have enough rebounding to stay in games this year. LeBron wins the award with a Jordanesque 35, 8, and 8 on the season.

ROY: Adam Morrison

And that is Anthony Robertson's NBA preview.


At 4:49 PM, Blogger David L. Bickel said...

just a couple thoughts... first chubbs, may i ask WHO is overrating marvin williams. i think it's been well established that it was a bad pick and nobody thinks he's going to be anything special anymore... also, didn't know who was overrating the raptors... just a thought... marcus williams is an overrated thief (see: getting caught) and a good basketball player... got lucky with his team though, kinda like leinart with the cardinals. think you should include the magic in the underrated category. i actually think that team is a perfect fit for darko and howard is a top 20 guy this year.

western conference: not a big jazz man myself... though the talent is there. tim duncan is not overrated. also agian, not sure who is overratign patrick o'bryant... nobody is really giving him much pub. would be shocked if the nuggets didnt make the playoffs though. also sacramento too.


not sure you can say the pistons got better by getting nazr mohammed and losing ben wallace (who i think it slightly overrated) but i see your point... i just think you'd prefer to have big ben and mcdyess over nazr and mcdyess.

"The Clippers are entirely reliant on Livingston becoming a very good player this year"... i disagree with that comment wholeheartedly... livingston is their 6th option at BEST right now (brand, tim thomas, maggette, cutino, kaman, cassell)... i think they're expecting him to be a great player this year so cassell can be more rested for the playoffs, but i dont think they're reliant on him becoming a good player. he is fun to watch though.

also, jason williams, brian grant and posey did not have their best years with wade... that's a huge overstatement. i could pull out numbers, but it's a waste of my time...

kobe is still a 1st team all defensive player and i honestly think he's going to mature this year and trust some of his teammates. the lakers are looking good so far... bynum, turiaf and maurice evans have been great for the team, when they get kwame and mihm back, they're very deep. odom's been unreal in 3 games...

i'm saying to annoint wade as far and away the league's best player... is premature.... it's a pointless argument to get into because you're obviously very biased toward wade, i'm biased toward new kobe, others are biased toward lebron... but i think it's safe to say, those 3 are 1a, 1b and 1c right now, for guards/small forwards.

i think that people are overrating the nets right now... come playoff time, when defense matters, their best player plays none. they'll lose in the second round, can you imagine if they have to play the a team like the cavs where you have to stick carter on lebron... lebron would average 40. i think the cavs are getting into the eastern conference finals, they took detroit to 7 last year... i think the heat are still the team to beat if shaq is still motivated, the bulls are too reliant on hinrich and gordon... no reliable big man inside on offense as far as i'm concerned.

in the western conference, i think it's coming down the two teams from LA, the spurs and the suns if they get a good draw. i think the lakers match up well against dallas (who's going to guard kobe?) with lamar on dirk... i think josh howard is a dynamite player, but he's not good enough to be robin to dirk's batman. i think the spurs will emerge because in the end, a healthy duncan, parker and ginobili are a tough matchup.

and i think the spurs will win it all.... just not sure if they're playing miami, cleveland or detroit. a lot depends on the health/motivation of shaq.

i think the lakers will win 48 games this year.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Anthony said...

1) TIM BLEEPING THOMAS! But I understand your point. I was relying on a big drop off of Cassell, and I guess I figure their offense requires a point guard.

2) Sure, you've said the names Grant and Posey not having career years. . fine. But refute the logic behind the point. It's the typical

3) Hahah. And what the hell does Shaq's motivation/determination have to do with the Heat winning? Did you watch the playoffs? Their best statistical lineup was having Shaq off of the floor.

4) Wade was the world's best player last year in the postseason - you obviously can't deny that, right? Especially when you consider Lebron got a lot of respect for beating the Wizards in 7 games. 7 Games!!! The year before Wade (in a series without Shaq) SWEPT the Wizards and he averaged 39 a game. How does no one remember this?!?!

And if you can't anoint Wade as the best player now, when can you? Last year, he was the best player in the world. He dumped in 3 blocks and 4 steals and 36 points in the clincher. Lebron may pass him, Kobe may give some of the reigns to Odom. . then they're right back there. It might change. But it's not too early to anoint Wade. It's the perfect time to anoint Wade as the league's best player. That can change.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger David L. Bickel said...

the reason i say it depends on shaq is because the heat didnt have to play the spurs in the playoffs last year. at the very least shaq would make duncan expend more energy getting position on offense or force duncan to play outside the key which would kill san antonio's second chance points. also on the other end, if duncan is guarding shaq, he is once again, expending more energy, which would limit his effectiveness. i stand by my comments. also, you have to consider that all the guys you listed as having career years with wade (except for odom) also had career years with shaq. i could point out derek fisher from the lakers... also tryon lue got a ton of money from playing with the lakers in the playoffs that year. mark madsen the same... i mean, you can't attribute all that to wade when shaq was there too... the only person you can point out to me is lamar odom...

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

You can attribute it all to Wade if you had watched the games.


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