Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bars, Beers, and Baseball:

I am not yet in a rational enough to speak about the Cardinals winning the World Series.

Weaver spinning through the Mets and Tigers lineups was damned near inspiring to watch. Weaver hadn't thrown that well since his Tigers days.

A lot has been made of the 83 win Cards team during the regular season. Worst World Series team ever bullshit. First of all, it turns out when you actually win the World Series, you couldn't give two shits if they were the best World Series team of all time or the worst. The goal's just to win the fuckin' thing.

Also, here's what killed the team during the regular season: 1) Starting Mark Mulder, 2) starting Jason Marquis, 3) Injuries to Rolen, Edmonds, and Eckstein. 4) Isringhausen and Looper as our top two bullpen guys.
Luckily, Marquis was left off the postseason roster, Reyes was allowed to pitch, and Rolen, Edmonds, and Eckstein got healthy. It's no murderers row to be sure, but the Cardinals when healthy have:
1) The best player in baseball: Albert Pujols
2) The best third baseman in baseball: Scott Rolen
3) The best pitcher not named Santana or Halladay: Chris Carpenter
4) The best defensive catcher in baseball: Yadier Molina
5) A top 5 Centerfielder: Jim Edmonds.
6) A young closer who ranks right up there with K-Rod and Jenks.

Final point. The MVP of the World Series was Yadier Molina. He was the best player on the Cards throughout the playoffs offensively and defensively and handling the staff.

There will be a much longer post about this later.

Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale is in my fridge right now. It's not a bad beer, but certainly fits into the Blue Moon style of delicate flavors and maybe a little too "drinkable" for my liking. Sometimes I just don't get quite enough complexity of flavor in any of the Blue Moon products. The pumpkin flavor isn't overwhelming like some other pumpkin ales, and they go easy on the cinnamon and nutmeg flavors that can really overpower a lot of pumpkin beers. While it is maybe not the most interesting beer in the world, there is nothing particularly wrong with this one. Subtle pumpkin and easy to drink - a real treat at the end of a day.


Checked out a spot on Clark Street in Chicago last night called "The Ivy." I had always been hesitant to go in it because there is a god-awful bar called "The Red Ivy," right around there. (Honestly, do not go in the Red Ivy. It's like drinking beer in a damn Olive Garden only the High Lifes are $5. You just can't have a worse time anywhere.) And also, I had always thought "The Ivy" sounded like a gay bar. But now that I think about it, the ivy is referencing Wrigley Field's ivy. But why the fuck is a bar called "The Red Ivy"? That sounds like a terribly gay bar. But, turns out neither are gay bars, and while the Red Ivy sucks; The Ivy is awesome. A good dive bar type of place with a juke box and plenty of plasma screen TVs. I was there last night, which happens to be Euchre wednesdays and .25 cent wing night. Pitchers of Coors Light were only 7 bucks, too. Good times were had by all. Extra points for having the brand new Golden Tee 2007 which is amazing.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

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At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anthony said...

All right. So, some asshole made a comment on this post that was pretty virulent. I deleted it out of anger.

However, from what I can gleam from the post, the guy who posted:

Name: Mike

Dance clubs
Reading blogs of people he doesn't know.
Using the word "douchebag"

Cheap chicken wings
Dive bars
Golden Tee
His job

from Chicago

too much of a pussy to even say who he is or why he's reading this blog.


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