Saturday, May 05, 2007

Running Diary of De La Hoya Mayweather

9:25 - At my buddy Gould's apartment, slamming pizza, drinking beer, and working on getting a D+ on my Constitutional Law final. Watching two 122 lb minorities pummel each other. Good times.

9:38 - Why are there so many Filipinos in the lightweight boxing division? This guy Bautista is slaughtering some (I'm assuming) Mexican Medina. He knocked him down once, although I just think Medina was off balance. Also, Batista has a minor cut over his eye now that could be a problem later on.

9:43 - Medina has compeltely turned this fight around and nearly knocked out Bautista twice in the 7th. I love watching small guys absolutely slaughter each other.

10:05 - The decision is Bautista over Medina by unanimous decision. Pretty good fight. Both sides scored knockdowns. Bautista seemed to be better the boxer except for that seventh round. Whatever. Can we get the real thing started already? I want Mayweather to enter with 50 Cent. Please let this happen.

10:20 - This 2nd undercard fight is awful. I'm borderline drunk. This quasi-white guy Mexican Hernandez is getting slaughtered by Juarez. Whatever. I'll check back with you when the entrances come out.

10:45 - I love HBO showing the ref telling these fighters the rules while they pretend to care. Also enjoyable, watching Freddie Roach watch Mayweather get his gloves taped and holding back all of his anger about Roger Mayweather prankcalling him two weeks before the fight pretending to be a media member.

11:15 - Celebrity shots: Matthew McConaughey (YES!), John Madden, Al Michaels, John Cusack, Will Ferrell, Magic Johnson, Wesley Snipes (didn't go to jail for tax evasion), USHER!, Leo DiCaprio, Puff Daddy, Jack Nicholson, Jim Carrey, Tom Jones, Tobey Maguire.

11:21 - This just in: Larry Merchant hates black people.

11:22 - Wait, the national anthem for Mexico isn't "Bailamos"?! Come on!

11:24 - And Marc Anthony singing the national anthem. What the hell is going on?! This is America!

11:25 - 50 Cent is in Floyd Mayweather's prayer circle backstage! YES!


11:31 - De La Hoya is coming out to bland ass Mexican music, Larry Merchant just called him "handsome." I've never wanted a guy to win a boxing match more than Floyd Mayweather.

11:35 - Let's get readdddddddddddddddddy rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

11:41 - Mayweather takes round 1 (in my scorecard). Oscar looks kinda scared. Mayweather was dancing around him, laying in some decent jabs. Oscar looks bigger (may just be his bigger shoes). But Mayweather is VERY fast, and De La Hoya is going to have to clench and keep him close. I said before the fight I thought Mayweather would win in a unanimous decision 9 rounds to 3. We'll see how that stands.

11:45 - Oscar wins rounds 2. Lands some solid punches. Mayweather didn't do much of anything. De La Hoya did a good job of keeping him close and against the ropes, but he did throw a lot of punches. Scorecard: De La Hoya 19 - Mayweather 19.

11:49 - Close round. Oscar made a lot of moves on Mayweather in this round, landed some solid punches, but Mayweather landed more and threw a lot less. I give the round to Mayweather in a close one. Scorecard: Mayweather - 29; De la Hoya - 28.

11:53 - Oscar clearly take round 4. Pins him against the ropes. Lands some really solid punches. Mayweather doesn't get much off. BUT, De La Hoya hasn't dont anything with his jab, he's throwing all power punches, landed a few, but ost were deflected. Scorecard: Mayweather - 38; De La Hoya - 38.

11:57 - Mayweather had a great round. Landed 3-4 SOLID punches on De La Hoya, who looks really tired. Compubox says Mayweather landed 21 power punches to De La Hoya's 9. Scorecard: Mayweather -48; De La Hoya - 47.

12:01 - Close Round. I'm giving it to mayweather, although De La Hoya landed his best punch of the fight so far. Thoughts so far: Hate how the crowd is so pro- De La Hoya. De La Hoya is going to have to knock out Mayweather. Mayweather is SO fast. Scorecard: Mayweather - 58; De La Hoya - 56.

12:05 - Another close round. Mayweather was accurate. Oscar won the first 50 seconds though pretty easily. I'd give it to Oscar. Great fight so far. When does 50 Cent or Roger Mayweather enter the ring and start pummelling this Mexican? Scorecard: Mayweather - 67; De la Hoya - 66.

12:09 - God. That rounds was wayyyy too close to call. I'm going Mayweather, he's throwing less punches landing about the same. Scorecard: Mayweather - 77; De la Hoya - 75;

12: 13 - Round to Mayweather. Lampley thinks it's close. Merchant agrees with me. Mayweather had his most aggressive round since the first. He landed more punches. He's saving himself for these rounds I think. De La Hoya has thrown 80 more punches. He's going to be tired now. Scorecard: Mayweather - 87; De La Hoya - 84.

12:17 - Round to Mayweather. Shitty round. Not many punches of note. Mayweather landed one SOLID right. But De La Hoya is definitely tired. Mayweather is unbelievably quick. He CANNOT be hit. De La Hoya looks frustrated in the corner. I think Mayweather coasts to the end. Scorecard: Mayweather - 97; De La Hoya - 93.

12:21 - Mayweather takes it again, although De La Hoya landed a shot that hurt Mayweather. Mayweather is CLEARLY outboxing De La Hoya. This isn't a war, but Mayweather is a GREAT technical fighter. De La Hoya needs to knock out Floyd. Man he looked tired in that last round. Scorecard: Mayweather - 107; De La Hoya - 102.

12: 25 - Mayweather was openly laughing during that last round. He knows he's won. De la Hoya was tired. He tried his hardest to knock down Mayweather, but Mayweather was too fast to be hit. Give Oscar credit, he made a valiant effort for the first half of that fight. Mayweather was too good. Oscar wins the final round just because he was trying so hard to knock him out and landed more. But scorecard: Mayweather - 116; De La Hoya - 112. 8 Rounds to 4. Not far off from my prediction.

12:28 - WOWWWWWWWWWW! Split decision?! Whoever gave that fight to De La Hoya should be seriously questioned. Whatever. The judges who took Mayweather had it 115-113. The other had it the other way for De La Hoya. Whatever. Justice was done. Mayweather won. Great fight.
12: 29 - Floyd Mayweather Sr. heads over and consoles De La Hoya before seeing his son. People are going to say this didn't live up to the hype. But I enjoyed this fight. I think De La Hoya's career is over.

12:30 - Floyd in the postfight interview fight was AMAZING. First, he calls his fight "A fuckin' masterpiece." Then he calls the fight as it is, and this is how it was, that Oscar's main flurries were only thrown while clenching. The Roger-Floyd Sr. rivalry rivalry is touched on but nothing that funny, other than Roger saying, "We BEAT HIS ASS!"

12:33 - This just in again: Larry Merchant hates black people.

12:37 - WOW. Floyd Sr. says maybe the fight should've gone to Oscar! What a psychopath! Watching Larry Merchant and Floyd Sr. try to talk to each other is like watching a scene from "The Ringer." Both people have been beaten retarded.