Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, we're doing the Chad Ford-Bill Simmons thing

1. Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose G, Memphis

Chubbs - OK, so I really think that Michael Beasley is going to be the one true legendary player from this draft, but this is a foregone conclusion. I think Derrick Rose is a good pick here despite the fact that he won't be as good individually as Beasley. Rose is at a position of greater need for the Bulls (I know, I don't like drafting for need either), and I think he'll be a better addition to a team that needs a floor leader and someone who seems like more of a team player/winning mentality type guy. I go with Rose, but if I were the Bulls I probably would've looked a lot harder at Beasley than they appear to have.

Anthony: Yeah, the Bulls are going to take Rose, and, I'm torn. I guess I'm not sold on Beasley for some reason, yet. I had thought he was a dominant post player but now I hear that he is kind of a 'Melo-Horford hybrid. Which sounds good, but if he isn't going to do most of his work from the post, I'm not sure his value is extraordinary. For the Bulls they desperately need a game-changing offensive player - it doesn't matter the position. They will get one with this pick.

2. Miami Heat - OJ Mayo

Anthony: This is tough for me. I'm a dirty flip-flopping hypocrite of a liar. I have been trashing the Bulls for the last month because of their failure to embrace Beasley. I have been bitching about the Heat's refusal to add Beasley to the Marion and Haslem front line. For whatever reason the last 48 hours of pundits proclaiming how "mature" OJ Mayo is, and his burgeoning friendship with Dwyane Wade has almost completely shifted my point of view on this. It's extremely rare for the opportunity to add a high draft pick to a franchise player. The last team I can remember able to do this were the Spurs who got the number one pick after suffering through the David Robinson injury. Robinson and Duncan became friends - had a chemistry, and the rest is history. If Wade really likes Mayo - why not let Mayo be his Pippen. Mayo seems to really respect Wade, so maybe he plays second fiddle. One week ago I hated OJ Mayo. Now I'm lost, confused, and am excited about his future with D-Wade. Punch me in the face.

Chubbs: I mean, we all know my thoughts on OJ Mayo. What we might not all know, is that Verne Troyer has a sex tape.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves - Michael Beasley

Chubbs - Well I think this is a pretty easy selection here. I've been describing Michael Beasley as SuperMelo or Carmelo on steroids. Apparently everyone else has, and I no longer feel unique. I think his game is similar, although his range might be worse. However, he certainly makes up for it with superior rebounding and post-up ability. If you are the Timberwolves you would have to be crapping your pants if Beasley is still on the board, and it seems like this might actually be feasible. I don't quite get the Heat's aversion to Beasley, particularly because I think Beasley is the only sure thing in this draft in terms of a regular all-star. That being said, I think this is going to be a very good top 3, and there's one more guy left on the board that I really like to do things, but we'll wait to see where he goes before I point him out.

Anthony - Yeah, this would pretty much make the T-Wolves viable again. Would they even wait a minute on the clock. Hmm .. . We get the best player in the draft for the 3rd overall pick's salary. And now our front line of Corey Brewer, Michael Beasley, and Al Jefferson looks like it could really challenge teams in the West. No other pick would make the T-Wolves relevant. Really.

4. Seattle Supersonics - Jerryd Bayless

Anthony- Now. I'm not nuts about Bayless. He turns the ball over a lot, and I'm not sure he is even really a true point guard. He can definitely score and the Sonics are DESPERATE for a guard on that team. Ridnour, Earl Watson, and Damien Wilkins are fine bench players, but none of them should really be starting. You can't put Erick Gordon on a team with Durant because you need a guy who actually knows how to pass the ball. And Bayless is the better passer. Westbrook is also a definite option here. However, given Seattle's history (Saene, Petro, Swift) they will draft an oversized oaf of a center named Brook Lopez and have him become the fifth failed center still currently on the roster. Please, for Durant's sake, take Bayless.

Chubbs - Uh, sure? I guess? I don't know. I'm not sold on any of these remaining guards. I think Augustin and Chalmers could be solid starters or very solid rotation guys, but other than that, I'm not really buying. I am, however, buying the Mini Me porno when it comes out. I mean, come on, the girl's going to be hot, and it'll officially be the first time you won't be able to decide whether you're crying from laughter or crying because you always do when you masturbate. Anyway, I've gone off topic. I think the Sonics are awful. I mean look at their roster. Seriously, it's beyond awful. Durant will be sick, and Green will be a solid starter, but other than that. Jesus Christ. They need a big man. Otherwise, they're going to need this guy to step it up:

5. Memphis Grizzlies - Kevin Love, C

Chubbs - I love Kevin Love (pun intended or unintended, whatever, fuck you, I don't know how else to say it). I think his combination of passing ability, post-moves, and hard-nosed rebounding are going to make him a legitimate big man in the NBA. The Grizzlies desperately need a solid big man to go with their plethora of young guards. I mean, if they could make this Brian Cardinal and the 5th pick trade with the Knicks for the 6th pick, David Lee, and Malik Rose's expiring contract (which has been rumored by the way, I can't even make that trade up), they should do it, but I think Kevin Love would be a great choice.

Anthony - The Grizzlies suck.

6. New York Knicks - Joe Alexander, F

Anthony - People are saying that this Dano Italian guy is D'Antoni's type of player. Me, I don't really buy it just because they are both European. Alexander on the other hand is definitely a D'Antoni guy. He can shoot, jump, run the floor and is active. Now, if I were the Knicks I would go Westbrook here. But, I think D'Antoni wants a PURE point guard, not just some guy who can play the position. But, good god they really need a guard. Nate Robinson, Marbury, Fred Jones. The only one they have is Jamal Crawford.

Chubbs - As someone who watches the Knicks a lot and would like to see entertaining basketball games this year, I love this pick. I really, really like Joe Alexander. He's big, he's quick, and he can shoot. He has a lot of different skill sets and he's only been playing for a few years. He really impressed me in the Big East and NCAA tournament. So Mini Me's got a tiny penis, right? God, I love that scene in the Surreal Life where he's peeing off the side of his scooter drunk as shit. I digress. Again.

7. Los Angeles Clippers - DJ Augustin, PG

Chubbs - I know this isn't going to happen, but the Clippers need a guard (I guess), and I like Augustin the most out of the remaining guards. Sure his size (he's only six feet tall) is a concern because he can't play the 2, but with Shaun Livingston coming back, they could run a two guard set with those two. Augustin is a great shooter and he's lightning quick. DJ Augustin probably best rates out as Eddie House, but I'm saying I'll take it.

Anthony - Yeah, Augustin sucks. Clearly Westbrook should go here. Augustin is an undersized shoot first point guard who quite clearly ruined Texas' tourney run by not being able to get the ball to Durant slash taking horrible shots the whole game. There is precedent here with Sammy Cassell. But, really, just.. sigh.

8. Milwaukee Bucks - Eric Gordon, G

Anthony - I don't love Gordon's game. But, I do think he will be able to score. The Bucks pretty much have average players at all 5 positions. They need someone who has the chance to be special. As much as I think Gordon will flop, who else has a chance to score twenty points a game that is left? No one.

Chubbs - Yeah, I think Eric Gordon sucks. He's not a team player (he opted out of his LOI from Illinois and went to Indiana, and while he didn't cause the scandal, he sure as hell let it derail him and his teammates). He didn't shoot lights out from deep, and everyone is making him out to be this great shooter. Really 33% from the college three? Color me wholly unimpressed.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Brook Lopez, C

Chubbs - The Bobcats apparently really want to help out Okafor and add some in the paint presence, and Lopez will help. I don't think he's ever going to become an NBA superstar. Far from it, but I think at the 9th pick he's a solid pickup. I think he could be a solid starter for a big man at the NBA level. However, don't even get me started on his fucking brother. How people are projecting this guy as a solid bench guy for defense and rebounding when he only averaged 5 rebounds/game as a STARTER in college.

Anthony - Congrats. You have just selected Chris Mihm.

10. New Jersey Nets - Russell Westbrook, G

Anthony: The long national nightmare is over for Westbrook. The Nets greedily grab him at the ten slot here and have him be the first guy off the bench backing up both Devin Harris and Vince Carter. He is the only guy left who really can create an impact for a team. Defensively, with ballhandling; Westbrook is ready to play right now. Steal for the Nets.

Chubbs - DAMMIT! I think Anthony just did this to spite me. He knows that I'm wildly anti-Russell Westbrook. I guess It'd be hard for me to complain about the Nets drafting a guy who could go as high as fourth with the tenth pick, but I don't know, I just don't foresee him being a great player. I guess he's fine at 10, but I think the Sonics are crazy to take him with the 4th pick knowing that Kevin Love or Joe Alexander are on the board. Believe it or not, I'd want the Nets to take Danilo Gallardo here.

11. Indiana Pacers - Darrell Arthur, PF

Chubbs - OK, this is a little rogue, because Kosta Koufas is still on the board, and most people like him more than Darrell Arthur, and I thought about Anthony Randolph here, but I don't like how everyone has backed off of him after workouts. I'd be fine with either of those, but Darrell Arthur is a big man who can run the floor and has a face up game. I think that'd be a great addition to the Pacers after they got rid of Jermaine O'Neal and picked up TJ Ford. They need to go big here for sure. Kinda like Mini Me's wiener.

Anthony- Well this goes perfectly with your irrational love of Brandan Wright from last year. "Look he looks so smooth." Yeah, that's fine, but he just doesn't do anything. By the way I love how you just throw in Joe Alexander - who if everything goes well - will be a rotation player for ten years, as one of the best players in the draft. Hmm. I have to say I'm smelling Roy Hibbert from the Pacers with one of their two picks.

12. Sacramento Kings - Brandon Rush, SG

Anthony- Just a solid pick. They need a young player to put in their rotation. Rush is solid. What . .Whatever.

Chubbs - I like Rush. I think he's a rotation player permanently. James Posey is his ceiling, but that's a good ceiling.

13. Portland Trailblazers - Danilo Gallinari, SF

Chubbs - Yeah, so I don't really think the Trailblazers will do this, but Gallinari will be another very solid rotation player, and frankly I just would never take this Ajinca guy or any of the other Euros. I think Gallinari would be a great value pick here. Whatever, let's end this, because I'm watching Real World and it's riveting.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Boxing Part 2:

First, I am going to respond to fellow idiot, David Bickel's boxing questions and claims. These are taken directly from comments on my last article. And, they are pretty good casual boxing fan thoughts and questions.

1) Mayweather needs to come back and fight Cotto
Obviously, even casual fans understand that this fight needed/needs to happen. I saw Floyd in an interview explaining his beef with Cotto's promotional company - and I actually buy it. Floyd doesn't want to put coin in Bob Arum's pocket, because he doesn't like Bob. Ricky Hatton actually always used the same defense for ducking Junior Witter -a fellow UK Junior Welterweight. When you become this big of a star, you have the power to shit on people who don't treat you, right. Mayweather is basically saying that when Cotto is a big enough star to increase his pay in the fight, he will fight him. While it's not awesome, I don't mind that. My bigger problem with Floyd is that his last four fights: Arturo Gatti, Carlos Baldomir, Oscar De La Hoya, and Ricky Hatton were jokes in a lot of ways. He chose Baldomir because Carlos had just won a paper title and was slow (in fact Baldomir is nearly out of boxing only two years removed from that title fight); he put on a massively boring fight with De La Hoya for a quick buck (which I don't fault him for at all - it made him a star); and then he boxes a guy in a lower weight class who also isn't as fast as him. He has cherry picked overrated big name fighters for four consecutive fights, when the welterweight division is packed with great fighters - Paul Williams, Cotto, Margarito, Cintron, Collazo, and the biggest disgrace - Shane Mosely. Moseley - Mayweather would have been an absolutely huge fight, and Floyd's best chance at fighting a nearly mirrored opponent, and he ducked Moseley too! He has spent a good three years ducking an entire division - which happens to be the most exciting division in boxing. That is why I just can't put him as my pound for pound champion even when he returns. In many ways, his reign has been similar to Roy Jones Jr. Fight tough fights, work your way up, become a star, fight bums, stop challenging within your own division for megafights.

#2. i've only seen pavlik fight once... it was his last fight and he obliterated the dude he was fighting, so i was impressed.
Yeah, the Gary Lockett fight wasn't much. If you have HBO On-Demand you really need to go to Kelly Pavlik's Greatest Hits if they are still up there. He is the most exciting American fighter in the world. His fights against Zertuche, Miranda, Taylor, and Taylor II was a fantastic and impressive four fight stretch and Pavlik-Taylor I is the best fight I have ever seen live. I hope Kelly goes the other way than Mayweather. Here should be his plan:
1) Fight Winky Wright - Winky hasn't been heard from in well over a year; and always makes outrageous monetary claims he doesn't deserve. But Wink has to be desperate at this point. It's a dangerous scary fight for Kelly, but he needs to clear out the Middleweight division fast.
2) Fight Arthur Abraham - if he gets past Wright, he fights fellow titleholder Abraham from Germany. Go to Germany if you have to - it's not unprecedented. If he beats Winky and Abraham hs work is done in that division. He will go down as one of the greatest middleweights of all time, and can start marching up the ladder with no stone unturned.
Kelly and his trainer think he is big enough to one day even capture a Heavyweight crown. But he has to fight the best first.

#3. can ricky hatton fight again soon?

Yeah, Ricky fought just about a month ago on the Versus Network against Luis Collazo. It wasn't all that good of a fight. Ricky looked rusty and was almost dropped in the 10th round. In the fall he will fight this greasy New Jersey fighter Paul Malignanni , who looked even worse on Ricky's undercard that night. But, hopefully he will get by the Magic Man, and then we all could be in for a treat because Manny Pacquiao has plans to go up to Junior Welterweight to fight Hatton if they both keep winning. Old Ricky has always been a little overrated because he is so darn likable. His division is weak, and he's a lot older than his age because of his diet, drinking, lifestyle, weight changes. I think he probably has 4 fights left, and I would imagine that the Pac-Man would be his most dangerous remaining opponent.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Boxing: Top 5 P4P.

Keep in mind, I only rate fighters down to Junior Lightweight. I just can't get goin on the little guys.

1) Miguel Cotto: Let's see he has crushed Shane Mosely and Carlos Quintana. He moves effortlessly between southpaw and classic style, and has an insane uppercut. Oh, yeah, and Mayweather spent two years ducking him, and De La Hoya wants to make him his farewell fight. Has an awesome fight with Antonio Margarito on the horizon.

2) Kelly Pavlik: The Ghost is the most exciting fighter in the game. He somehow combines the work rate of Joe Calzaghe with the brute force of Manny Pacquiao. He wins rounds by throwing tons of punches, yet also has as much power as anyone he faces. His defense isn't first class, but by god his chin sure is.

3) Juan Manuel Marquez - I saw the first two fights with Pacquiao. As much as I like Manny, JMM won them both despite only getting a draw and losing a majority decision. Phenomenal counter puncher.

4) Manny Pacquiao - Not much separates he and JMM. Pac-Man is by far the more exciting fighter with gaudy power and little defense.

5) Jermain Taylor - He beat Hopkins twice - who is somehow rated higher on most people's p4p lists. And, after switching back to his old trainer he nearly stole a decision off of Kelly Pavlik. He's got quick hands, and can deliver a mean counter punch. He caught Kelly clean a bunch of times in that second fight. The thing that really separates them is Kelly's chin. Taylor's face swells up and a shot on the kisser will take him out of his game. Kelly can just take a punch and keep moving forward

Guys that are not in this list and in most are:

Bernard Hopkins - I'm sorry. He fights anyone, which can be lauded. I am convinced he can nearly get a draw from any fighter in history. Unfortunately, he hasn't really won a fight in a long time. And he just sucks to watch.

Joe Calzaghe - Yeah. His fight with Hopkins was awful and I thought he lost it. What else is there to say. Everyone's favorite p4p has won tight decisions against exactly two guys - Hopkins and Kessler. And that puts him number one overall?

Shane Mosely - Fights anyone at any time. He is super fast. Fought Cotto well.

NBA Finals: Punt-Counterpunt

Chubbs - Boston doesn't win this series without its bench. While Boston, as evidenced by Game 6, was obviously a much better team than the Lakers (or at least massively outcoached the Lakers, I'll choose to believe the former over the latter) it had a lot to do with its advantage off the bench. Coming in, everyone kept discussing how the Lakers had a clear advantage from its bench. Nothing could've been further from the truth. While seemingly everybody on the Lakers not named Derek Fisher played well below their potential in this series, guys like Eddie House, James Posey, and Leon Powe made huge contributions. True, Sasha Vujacic had a great game 3, but with the amount of stupid shots he took throughout the series, he was bound to have one good game. Posey and Eddie House played a huge role in the Celtics victory. Both made clutch shots in seemingly every game, and Posey's defense helped frustrate a normally impressive Lakers offense. If the Celtics want to repeat, they need to bring those two back. Everyone talks about the big 3, but I think the "crucial" 3 in this series were Rajon Rondo, Eddie House, and James Posey. So Anthony, do you think the Celtics repeat? What do they need to do, personnel wise to stay at a championship level?

Anthony - The repeat, eh? I honestly felt like I was on crazy pills watching this whole series after having watched the Celtics earlier in the playoffs. It seems to me the Celtics will be about the same next season. First of all, can they get out of the East? They own the Pistons - and the Pistons just get a little worse every season. The Cavs always seem lost to me. LeBron can't seem to really play with another player at this point in his career - but, at the same time, they should have won this year and definitely have the toughness on defense to handle them. Orlando is scary because of Howard - he could take the leap. But, yikes, Jameer Nelson and Bogans playing a lot of minutes? Don't think they will ever have the talent. Then, finally the Heat could run out Wade, Marion, Beasley, Haslem next season. So they have an outside shot. You really need a tough interior to beat the Celtics, and the Spurs and the Hornets would have been a better match-up than the Lakers this year. Next year, the Lakers, Spurs, Hornets and Jazz should all be pretty tough inside - and I like those teams to have a good shot at toppling the Celts. So, I guess I haven't answered your question at all. I'm assuming they are staying basically unchanged, and I give them a 75% chance to get out of the east and maybe a 20% shot to repeat. I still like the Lakers more next year. Quick note on the Hornets: They are one of my favorite teams, but I don't see them getting any better. Chandler, West, and Paul all played out of their minds this year and they still have Morris Peterson . . sigh. My question for you is, how good is Paul Pierce? I can't figure it out. Part 2: Horry or Posey as your 7th man - both in their primes.

Chubbs - OK, so I'm going to answer a question you didn't ask, and say that I think Chris Douglas Roberts or Bill Walker would be a great addition to the Hornets. I would really like to see them add a scorer at the 2/3. I think that would be good. Um, I don't really know how to quantify Paul Pierce's goodness. I think he's shown it before, but on irrelevant teams. I also think that maybe we didn't notice it as much until the playoffs because KG started playing poorly (comparatively) and it was up for Paul Pierce to take over. I like how you described his moves as "old man rec moves", because that is exactly what they are, but they are AWESOME. I came out of this playoffs a big fan of Paul Pierce's. I think, both in their primes... I take James Posey. I love Big Shot Rob, but all-around, and for the length of a whole season/the playoffs I think you have to take Posey. He can hit big shots (although he may not have hit as many as Horry) and play absolute shutdown defense. Posey frustrates opponents and I think, overall, is more valuable. My question to you is? Without looking at the stats, who do you think took more shots per minute in this series: Sam Cassell or Sasha Vujacic?

Anthony - It has to be Sam Cassell. That was a terrible question. I am pretty high on Bill Walker also though. The critics are right. He has no real position, but I think he can defend a little bit at least. There is a precedent for this type of player. There was a period of time when Bonzi Wells was nearly a twenty point a game scorer and one of the best players on those hyper-talented Trail Blazers teams. I think he could be that kind of power guard difference-maker. But that is his ceiling. The thing is, though, Walker still won't be enough. Their only real hope is for Walker/Julian Wright to really become a force on defense. They just desperately need another guard who can take some pressure of CP3 on the defensive end. Posey would be a really nice fit their as well off of the bench. I know you want this question. Rate Kobe as a player in this decade. Keep in mind Wade, LeBron, Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, KG, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, and anyone else.

Chubbs - OK, this is a tough question, and I really don't know how to answer it in terms of players who have played "x" number of years this decade, but I will give you my answer for guys this decade and how I'd rank them in terms of "guys I'd want trying to singlehandedly lead my team against a great defense to a championship."

1. Tim Duncan - I don't like his style of play really, and I hate the Spurs, but I think you have to give him his due as probably the best player of this decade and a great clutch player.

2. Lebron James - I know you're going to criticize this, but his performance against the Celtics with a much, and I cannot emphasize the word much enough, worse supporting cast than the Lakers was light years better than Kobe's. He steps his game up when it matters, and while the Cavs didn't win Game 7, you sure as shit cannot blame Lebron, who put up 45 points on 48% shooting, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists. Kobe didn't even sniff that in the finals.

3. Dwyane Wade - It's hard to place Dwyane on this list, considering his performance in the finals in 2006, despite being massively aided by the refs, was one for the books. He's an absolutely clutch player, and if it weren't for his current injuries, and the Heat's inability to do anything of importance since Shaq's departure/recent spat of injuries I'd probably put him 2nd.

4. Allen Iverson - This is a complete homer pick. I love Allen Iverson. I would go to war with him on my team any day. I think he's one of the most underrated superstars in NBA history.

5. The rest of this list is really a second tier, so I'm not going to get into it. Although, Shaq's performances in the early 2000s on the Lakers were unreal. He absolutely carried that team. Look at the statistics. There's a reason why Kobe feels the need to prove himself. Shaq put up some of the greatest numbers ever in an NBA Finals in those Laker championships. Kobe? Nowhere close.

33. Kobe Bryant.

Anthony, how do you think this Finals bears on Kobe's legacy, and while somewhat off topic, what do you think Shaq's legacy is like? I know he wasn't as important as Dwyane Wade in the 2006 finals, but I think the Heat's recent struggles has to at least point to him being a still very important factor in their championship.

Anthony - First of all, I need to defend the Miami Heat's title run on a public forum like this. "Massively" aided by the officials is strong. If you saw games 1 - 3, you saw the Heat not get many calls at all. The amount of charges that were called on Shaq, and how many times Wade would get cracked on his way to the lane was crazy. Then, if you recall, Wade had his miraculous fourth quarter to win game 3 for the Heat and make the series 2-1 instead of 3-0. At that point the Mavericks overreacted and shifted to a strategy of intentionally fouling Shaq or Wade anytime they got into the paint. The free throw discrepancy came from tons of fouls on both of those players early in every quarter. Now, the Game 5 foul was absurd. It cost the Mavericks a 3-2 lead in the series. I will freely admit to that. And Wade definitely got a ton of calls in game 6, also. But, it doesn't deny the fact that he was the best player in the world for one calendar year (seriously, check out his playoff stats from both the title year and the year before that when he got injured), and has had the truly the only Jordanesque finals performance since Jordan. At the same time, I would be willing to say that he rates too highly on your list of decade's best players. He has only been in the league since 2003 and he has been injured so often, it's tough to rate quite that high.

Now to the Kobe question. What we can't forget is Kobe's finals against the Pistons during the Lakers final run at a title. It was maybe the most selfish, and destructive performances of all time. He scored 22.6 points a game on 38% shooting. Meanwhile, Shaq shot 63% and scored 26.8 points a game. All Kobe needed to do was keep feeding him the ball and finding ways to get it to Shaq who was unstoppable - and they win the title. Instead he shoots 38% trying to unlock the Pistons defense by himself. This has to be the most damaging part of his legacy - even worse than his inability for two straight finals to score with any sort of efficiency over a several game period. I think people get wrapped up with the Jordan comparisons, because when Kobe is at his best, he can seem better than anyone - super strong, 6'7", quick, great three point shooter, great defender, nasty finisher. He really does have more tools than anyone out there including LeBron. He just is in no way as consistent as the other all time greats. But, then again, if he wins 2 or 3 more titles truly no one will remember this and he will go down as a top 5 all time by media pundits - if not the best ever- considering several were already saying he was as good as Jordan.

I'm too tired to discuss Shaq's legacy. All I can point out is that the Heat have sucked for the past two years, largely because Wade has been injured. Wade relies more on his athleticism than just about any top player in the league. When he can't finish at the rim with dunks (and he couldn't in 2007) it really disrupts his whole game. The Heat rely on him not being a good player - but the best player in basketball.

And, my final point about LeBron. I dislike him for several reasons which don't really have anything to do with his greatness- more his personality. But, I will say this: LeBron's press conference after losing game 7 to the Celtics was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. All he talked about was how happy he was to be a part of such a great game, how this was his Bird and 'Nique moment. This guy just lost to the Celtics in a series they should have won and in a game they should have won. And he's putting it in this strange perspective. Can you imagine Jordan, Barkley, Isaiah, Wade, Bird, Magic - anyone - not being pissed off after a game like that? And there he was like the game had taken place a week ago? I still don't get him. If you were to re-draft all current NBA players, almost anyone would take LeBron. And why not? There is a chance he has a 40, 8 and 8 season in him. Passing him would make you look like an absolute moron. I still would take Chris Paul, though - not nearly as many stupid shots and he actually seems to give a crap. For some reason I just don't think LeBron is going to make it.

Chubbs, you're a Nets guy. How good was Jason Kidd when he was good? Ho